Tile and natural stone floors are a wonderful asset to your home or office. Keeping them clean involves mopping regularly and scrubbing the grout on your hands and knees. Over time, dirt and oils will absorb into your tiles’ grout and natural pores, making them appear dull and dirty.

Our oil emulsifying cleaning solutions combined with our 250+ degree water can remove years of grime, dirt, oils and soil to make it look brand new again. Let Beachy Carpet Cleaning and Restoration take care of the dirty work and give us a call today for your free estimate. 

Frequently Asked

in most cases your floors will dry as fast as a mopped floor dries depending on humidity.

You may walk on your floors as soon as they dry. If we have applied a sealer then we will recommend staying off of it for up to an hour after the floor dries.

We pre-condition the floor with an emulsifier to breakdown oils etc. We then use an enclosed pressure washer that is simultaneously rinsing, cleaning, and extracting the waste to our truckmounted holding tank outside the home.

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