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Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet and upholstery significantly influence the quality of your indoor air. A well-cleaned carpet will significantly improve your mood, especially if you struggle with allergies or other breathing issues.

Your carpet is an air filter, capturing irritants like pet dander, dust mites, allergies, gases, and pollution. The greatest air filter in your home, clean carpets are advantageous. Although routine vacuuming may remove surface debris, the fibers already retain oils from normal wear. Over time, the oils accumulate, drawing dirt and other impurities that stick to the fibers. To get rid of these impurities, there is only one efficient technique.

Although there are other ways to enhance the condition of your carpet and your health, the hot water extraction method, commonly known as steam cleaning, is the most effective. Additionally, if your carpet has a warranty, it will allow you to maintain it as the manufacturers will only accept this technique. You can get some results by renting a rug doctor from your neighborhood grocery store.

Your sink’s hot water is efficient, but the water from our truck-mounted power plants can easily achieve  temperatures of over 265 degrees and 400 psi of pressure, as opposed to 28 psi from a typical rental unit. At the end of the day, it may only cost a few dollars more and a few minutes of your time to schedule your carpets to be professionally cleaned. Along with steam cleaning, we also offer “green,” non-toxic cleaning and rapid dry carpet cleaning that results in dry times within an hour.

We would absolutely love the opportunity to help you improve the appearance of your residential or commercial carpets. What matters to us the most is your home’s air quality and overall health.

Frequently Asked

We use hot water extraction method, better known as steam cleaning like Stanley Steemer. Your carpets will be damp for 4-6 hours and completely dry within 24 hours. Other companies claiming dry times one hour and under are not using steam cleaning methods. While also effective, they are most likely using a low moisture method that should be used for light cleaning.

Our solutions are safe for the environment, butyl free, and 99% green. While we do not advise drinking them like zerorez, they will outperform those solutions. We have different solutions that we can utilize in our artillery. Different solutions will be used on a case to case basis. If we need to use solutions at a stronger concentration we will first discuss the other safe options with you.

We will move light items out of the cleaning paths. Furniture moving will be moved on a case to case basis. However items like dressers, cabinets, pianos, and other large furniture items will not be moved. If there are stains under these items then we can discuss moving them to clean under at request. Our cleaning methods are targeted at removing things that the vacuum cleaners can not remove. In most cases, the carpet that has not been walked on under the furniture may still be  in the same condition as when it was placed in position. 

Our cleaning solutions do not leave a residue. We use rinse solutions to neutralize the pre-conditioning solution to a neutral pH. As a result, you are left with soft carpets with no sticky residues, browning, or crunchiness. 

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