Pet Odor Treatment

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Pet Odor Treatment

We all love our pets, but they can also make our lives “messy.” When an accident occurs, the first thing you do is immediately blot it up and use Resolve Carpet Cleaner or some other chemical concoctions. Unfortunately, these will only mask the issue and can cause permanent chemical stains. The mess has soaked down into the padding and the sub-floor underneath.

Our experts have specialized methods of eliminating these smelly and unsanitary issues. Steam cleaning alone or shampooing with a rental cleaning machine will only activate the bacteria making a bad situation worse.

We start by locating the issue with a particular wavelength of UV light. Next, we apply specific enzymes and oxidizers to eliminate urine crystals and bacteria. The enzymes go to work while the oxidizer helps reduce and eliminate staining. Some urine stains may be treated with UV light in combination with the solutions to remove any discolorations. We then extract the solution while cleaning the carpets.

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